From Vision 2030 to Startup Success: Saudi Arabia's Booming Venture Capital Scene

May 10, 2023

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been experiencing a remarkable transformation in recent years, driven by its ambitious Vision 2030 plan. Among its key goals is the development of a thriving and diverse economy, with a focus on fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. A crucial part of this process is the startup ecosystem, where venture capital (VC) firms play a pivotal role in supporting and nurturing emerging businesses.

Venture capital firms are instrumental in providing not only financial backing, but also strategic guidance, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help startups realize their potential. In Saudi Arabia, a number of active VCs have emerged, each with their unique approach and industry focus, fueling the growth of the entrepreneurial landscape. In this article, we will take a closer look at a few of the prominent venture capital firms: Impact46, Raed Ventures, and STV. These are only a few and keep a look out for our others articles as we dive further into the world of venture capitalist. By understanding their backgrounds, missions, and success stories, we can gain insight into how these firms are empowering the next generation of Saudi startups and shaping the future of the Kingdom's economy.


Background and Mission:

Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Impact46 is a sector-agnostic venture capital firm that focuses on supporting a diverse range of industries. The firm's primary goal is to invest in seed and growth-stage startups, providing them with unique and innovative investment products and services. With a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape and the needs of startup founders, Impact46's experienced team offers valuable insights and access to a robust network, helping startups thrive and achieve success.

Investment Focus and Portfolio Highlights:

Impact46's typical investment size ranges from $500K to $7 million, allowing them to support a wide variety of startups. Their impressive portfolio includes companies like Bondai, Raseed, Shuttle, Playhera, Merit, Trukking, Homzmart, and Nejree. By being sector-agnostic, Impact46 can focus on the unique strengths and growth potential of each company, regardless of the industry they operate in.

Success Stories and Key Milestones:

Throughout the investment decision-making process, Impact46 remains committed to providing guidance and support to its portfolio companies. The firm's experienced team and valuable network have played a crucial role in the growth and achievements of these startups. For instance, companies like Homzmart and Nejree have witnessed remarkable success in their respective industries, showcasing the transformative power of Impact46's mentorship and financial backing.

Raed Ventures

With a presence across Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, USA, and Pakistan, Raed Ventures is a sector-agnostic venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage startups. The firm is committed to investing in founders who are driven to create a meaningful impact and helps them bring their visions to life through collaborations. Raed Ventures targets startups within various sectors, such as Fintech, E-Commerce, Logistics, EdTech, Digital Health, Retail Tech, and more.

Investment Focus and Portfolio Highlights:

While the investment range for Raed Ventures is not publicly disclosed, the firm has an impressive portfolio that showcases its dedication to supporting startups across different sectors. Some of the companies Raed Ventures has invested in include Tweeq, Simplifi, Rabbit, Taager, Opontia, Lean, ZiroAI, Tabby, and Sary.

Success Stories and Key Milestones

Raed Ventures' collaborative approach has proven to be instrumental in guiding startups towards success. By providing both financial support and strategic guidance, the firm has helped companies like Tweeq, a fintech startup, and Taager, an e-commerce platform, to achieve significant growth in their respective industries. Raed Ventures' commitment to helping startups execute their visionary ideas has positioned them as a valuable partner for early-stage companies seeking to make a lasting impact.


Established in 2018, STV is an independent venture capital fund that boasts a strategic partnership with STC, the largest telecom operator in the MENA region. This unique collaboration allows STV to provide its portfolio companies with unparalleled access to STC's valuable assets, including its network, channels, analytics, and customer base. By leveraging these resources, STV empowers startups to scale rapidly and achieve success in a competitive market.

Fund Size and Investment Approach:

With a total fund size of $800 million, STV has the financial backing to support a wide array of startups across different stages and sectors. The firm's investment approach focuses on identifying startups with high growth potential and providing them with the necessary resources to help them achieve their goals.

Success Stories and Key Milestones:

Since its founding, STV has played a significant role in the growth of numerous startups by leveraging its partnership with STC. By providing access to the telecom giant's resources, STV has been able to help its portfolio companies overcome challenges, scale their operations, and solidify their positions in the market. This unique approach sets STV apart from other venture capital firms and underscores its commitment to empowering startups through strategic partnerships.

Saudi Arabia's rapidly growing startup ecosystem is fueled by the dedication and strategic support of venture capital firms like Impact46, Raed Ventures, and STV. These firms play a vital role in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, as they provide not only financial backing but also mentorship, networking opportunities, and strategic guidance. They are crucial in helping the Kingdom achieve its Vision 2030 goals and transforming the country's economic landscape.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or startup founder in Saudi Arabia, consider exploring these venture capital firms as potential partners to help bring your vision to life. Stay tuned for more articles, where we will dive deeper into the world of venture capital and uncover more key players shaping the Kingdom's thriving startup scene. 

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