Learning by doing: How PARACHUTE16 Shapes Tomorrow’s Innovators

Apr 8, 2022

In a world rapidly reshaping itself around new technologies and global trends, education is no longer confined to traditional methods and theories. On this International Day of Education, we at parachute16 are excited to share our innovative approach to learning, deeply rooted in the philosophy of 'learning by doing.' Our mission is to equip the next generation of tech and tech-enabled startups with the skills, mindset, and resilience needed to thrive in a globally competitive environment.

Embracing the BUILD Model

At the core of our methodology is the BUILD Model, a pioneering framework developed at Stanford University. This model encapsulates the essence of learning through action: Believe, Understand, Invent, Listen, and Deliver. By internalizing these principles, our participants are not just absorbing knowledge; they are preparing to make a tangible impact in the real world.

A Collaboration of Giants

Our approach is a unique blend of insights and tools from leading institutions such as Stanford Business d.school, the Kauffman Foundation, IDEO, Frog, MIT, the Amani Institute, Y Combinator (YC), Ashoka Organization, African Leadership Academy, Mowgli Mentoring, and the Marshall Ganz Framework. This rich blend of perspectives ensures that our participants are exposed to a variety of thought processes and strategies.

The Essence of Our Edutainment Methodology

Our methodology transcends the traditional boundaries of education. We believe in edutainment – a blend of education and entertainment, making learning not just informative but also engaging. Our interactive sessions and business development activities focus on the hands on skills that entrepreneurs and innovators need to make an impact in their communities. This approach ensures that our programs are “street-smart,” offering practical, hands-on experience that is directly applicable in the real world.

The Five Pillars of Practice

Our program is structured around five key practices:

  1. Play: We encourage developing an imaginative mind, fostering the ability to see potential solutions and opportunities where others see challenges.

  2. Experimentation: Emphasizing learning through doing, we promote experimentation and learning from trial and error – an essential skill in the ever-evolving business landscape.

  3. Creativity: We nurture divergent thinking, enabling our participants to craft innovative solutions and stand out in the market.

  4. Empathy: Understanding and connecting with others is crucial. Our program enhances participants' ability to forge deeper, more meaningful business relationships.

  5. Reflection: Reflective practice is integral to growth. We encourage participants to ponder their learning journey, assimilating experiences to build a stronger foundation for future endeavors.

Preparing for the Global Stage

Incorporating these practices, our participants and startups emerge as well-rounded individuals, ready to face the challenges of the global market. Our focus on tech and tech-enabled startups ensures that our alumni are not just surviving but thriving in the competitive world of technology and innovation.

The Future of Education

As we celebrate the International Day of Education, we at PARACHUTE16 want to highlight our commitment to reshaping the landscape of learning. Our goal is not just to educate, but to inspire and empower. We believe that the future belongs to those who are prepared to adapt, innovate, and lead – and we are here to light that path.

parachute16 is an ecosystem enabler that supports startups looking to develop their MVP and launch it by building high-quality acceleration programs and services for growth purposes. If you want to build impact and accelerate your startup's growth, reach out to us to schedule a meet-up over coffee. You can contact us at fly@parachute16.com!